Decline of world's bee population a 'manmade' issue

The world's bee population is still in decline Credit: ITV News

The decline of the world's bee population has been well documented but new research now suggests that the issues faced by the global honey-maker's are actually 'manmade'.

According to the findings of a report by expert Dr Lena Wilfert, from the University of Exeter, the species' decline is due to the fact bees are falling prey to diseases such as 'deformed wing virus' which have spread widely due to the way humans move them from continent to continent.

ITV News' Wales Correspondent Rupert Evelyn reports:

In many ways it would appear the "European bees success is also its failure" as their adaptability means they are transported globally to aid food production - journeys which actually facilitate the spread of diseases between countries.

But what is the answer to saving the world's bees?

Dr Wilfert suggests a tighter reign on the movements of the animals.

She said: "We really have to stick to the regulations on minimising the movement of honey bees globally and locally beekeepers have to keep up their good jobs."