Kangaroo wins online following after flexing muscles for camera

Roger the kangaroo Credit: Instagram / Chris 'Brolga' Barnes

Kangaroos may be the stuff of children's book but this super muscly specimen shows they are not to be messed with.

The giant animal, named Roger, has been going viral after he flexed his muscles for the camera.

The picture was posted on Instagram by his carers at The Kangaroo Sanctuary Alice Springs in Australia's northern territory, and has since been liked by more than 17 thousand people.

"Here is Roger enjoying the attention of our visitors!," the sanctuary's owner Chris 'Brolga' Barnes said in a caption.

Roger stands at more than two metres tall and weighs in at nearly 90kg - though it's not clear why he is quite so muscly.

Mr Barnes has previously told media that his personality is as uncompromising as his photos suggest, listing his main hobbies as kickboxing and chasing his keepers.

"Roger is only friendly to baby kangaroos and to the lady kangaroos."