Storm Imogen: When and where we will see the strongest winds?

  • By Manali Lukha: ITV Weather Presenter

All eyes are on Storm Imogen, a deep area of low pressure currently sitting in the mid-Atlantic. It will arrive through tonight and have quite an impact on our weather tomorrow.

The biggest impacts from Storm Imogen will be across the southern half of the UK with severe gales expected accompanied by high seas.

Gusts of 60-80mph are expected quite widely, strong enough to cause some disruption, but where and when will see the strongest winds?

  • In the morning

At 9am the strongest winds will be across North Devon, North Cornwall, North Somerset, and the Bristol Channel.

Wind speed (mph) 0900 Monday 8th February Credit: Met Office

The Met Office has issued an Amber weather warning to be prepared for 80mph gusts across southern coastal counties, particularly Cornwall and North Devon, and also through the Bristol Channel with battering waves likely.

Coastal flooding will be greatest during high tides and with Imogen coinciding with a new moon on Monday, tides will be higher than normal.

  • In the afternoon

Wind speed (mph) 1200 Monday 8th February Credit: Met Office

By midday on Monday, as Storm Imogen tracks eastwards, winds will strengthen across the English Channel coasts, particularly across the Isle of Wight.

The strongest winds at 3pm will be Sussex and Kent coasts.

The strength of the winds could cause power cuts, tree damage and transport disruption.

Emergency responders and travel companies are preparing for disruption to rail and ferry services and potential flight delays.

Loose items in your garden may need to be secured as they could be thrown around and damaged.

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