Passer-by trips suspected drug dealer during police chase

A suspected drug dealer was tripped up by a quick-thinking member of the public Credit: MPS Kingston

A man who helped officers apprehend a suspected drug dealer by sticking out his foot and tripping him up has been hailed a "legend" by police.

In video footage released by Kingston Police the unidentified passer-by can be seen walking arm-in-arm with a woman when he spots the ongoing police chase and casually uses his foot to create an obstacle for the suspect.

Watch the video here.

After the fleeing suspect - since identified as a 17-year-old youth who was suspected of possessing Class A drugs with an intent to supply - trips and goes flying two police officers quickly jump on their chance to make their arrest.

The brave passerby who helped stop the would-be drug dealer then nonchalantly walks away with barely a backward glance.

A Scotland Yard spokesman confirmed an arrest was made following the late night, February 6, police chase.