Station cat gets a promotion after five years of mouse catching

A cat who prowls a station on the hunt for mice has been promoted to become the official pest control manager.

The cat has befriended commuters and kept the station staff company in Huddersfield, in West Yorkshire, for five years.

She prowls the station platforms, keeping them free of mice and pigeons.

Felix was brought to the station at nine weeks old and has risen to fame with a Facebook page and her online following has soared in recent weeks after her promotion.

Felix told her followers on Facebook how her new position was in “recognition of what I’ve been doing for nearly five years”.

Felix's Facebook page has nearly 9,500 likes.

When safety barriers were installed in 2013, Felix's access to the platforms was compromised.

The station management installed a cat-flap for Felix, so she could continue to do her duties unhindered.