Liverpool fans could target sponsors over ticket rise

Ian Payne

Former Sports Correspondent

Liverpool fans have vented their anger over the last week. Credit: Reuters

Liverpool supporters groups have told ITV News they will target club sponsors next in the ongoing row over ticket prices.

It follows Saturday's walk out at Anfield when an estimated 10,000 fans - including former player Jamie Carragher - left the ground after 77 minutes of their game against Sunderland.

The timing was symbolic as the most expensive seat at Anfield next season will increase to £77, despite clubs earning even more from TV revenue, with Premier League recently signing a new bumper £5.136 billion right deal. Liverpool were leading the match 2-0 at the time, but eventually drew 2-2.

Liverpool's manager Jurgen Klopp says the club must address the issue.

Club legend Carragher also explained in the Daily Mail why he thought it was unfair, saying: “That’s what you want ticket prices to be: fair. I know the increase will not impact on me but I also know plenty about my city — £77 is too much to watch a game anywhere but that price is particularly over the top in Liverpool."

A spokesman for Liverpool fans told ITV News: "If we don't get any response from the club, we will start to target some of the club's 20 or so sponsors. This will include peaceful protest outside the sponsors offices, such as handing out leaflets - it's something these companies hate."

Fans could target club sponsors such as Standard Chartered Bank, Carlsberg and Subway as part of their protests.

No protests are planned for Tuesday's FA Cup replay away at West Ham. "We hope to continue with walk outs at future games. At Aston Villa, and home games against Man City and Chelsea," the spokesman added.

And in another dramatic turn, a walk out at every Premier League match one week end is to be considered by the group which represents fans nationally.

Around 10,000 fans walked out on Saturday. Credit: PA

The Football Supporters Federation are to meet imminently to discuss the matter. The FSF told ITV News: "We're not urging all fans to walk out yet - but it's something that will be discussed."

The FSF say they're dismayed with the attitude of the clubs. Last Thursday the Premier League held a secret ballot on capping ticket prices for away fans at £30. It's reported that 12 clubs were in favour, but a two thirds majority of 14 is required to make the change. Their next meeting isn't scheduled until late March.

A Premier League spokesman told ITV News: "Each of the 20 clubs wants to reduce or cap away ticket prices. But unfortunately there isn't a consensus of how to do it."

The other unfortunate thing for fans is there probably never will be.