Premier League launch rebrand and new logo

It's definitely a Lion. Credit: Premier League

The Premier League have announced their new branding for the 2016/17 season, which won't be sponsored.

The crowned lion with one paw resting on a football from the current design does feature again, although the new image consists only of its head.Reports last month had suggested the animal might be dropped entirely in the rebrand.

“From next season we will move away from title sponsorship and the competition will be known simply as the Premier League, a decision which provided the opportunity to consider how we wanted to present ourselves as an organisation and competition," said Premier League managing director, Richard Masters.

"We are very pleased with the outcome: a visual identity which is relevant, modern and flexible."

Credit: Premier League

The designers of the new logo claim they tried "to create a bold and vibrant identity that includes a modern take on the lion icon."

The League worked in partnership with global agency DesignStudio and Robin Brand Consultants to create what it describes as "a bold and vibrant identity that includes a modern take on the lion icon - a symbol that is part of the competition's heritage - which is flexible in digital and broadcast formats."

The League also said "an extensive consultation process took place as part of the new identity which included consulting fans".