A junior doctor has launched a scathing attack on Jeremy Hunt warning him that he has "picked a fight with the wrong crowd" after the Health Secretary announced that he would impose new contracts on junior doctors in England.

Rich Bowman, 27, from Birmingham, launched the attack on Hunt as he described looking after 100 acutely ill cancer patients single-handedly on a shift.

"Sc*** you, Jeremy Hunt," he said in a post on Facebook where he revealed he worked 60 hours a week but is paid for 48 and earns £18 per hour.

He said: "Last night I was the sole doctor on site caring for over 100 patients who were acutely unwell with complications from their cancer. Some couldn't breathe, some were fighting overwhelming infections with literally no immune system, one had bleeding in their head, one had a blockage in their bowels.

"If I made a mistake because I was tired, any one of these patients could've died."

Birmingham doctor Rich Bowman told Jeremy Hunt: 'All of this is your government's fault.' Credit: Rich Bowman/Facebook

He added: "Apparently I have no transferable skills to find a different job.

"Apparently I lack vocation, I'm overpaid and I need to work harder."

Sc*** you Jeremy Hunt. We never asked for thanks. All we do is for our patients, how dare you try and turn them against us. All of this is your government's fault. Well you've picked a fight with the wrong crowd. Go on, announce imposition, and just see what the most resilient, driven, passionate, intelligent group of people in Britain do next. Bring it on.

Junior doctor Rich Bowman