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Dramatic rescue of mother and child from sinking car

Dramatic footage has emerged of a mother and her toddler being rescued after their car plunged into an Amsterdam canal on Tuesday.

Four bystanders dived into the freezing canal and managed to break the vehicle's back window and pull them out just before the car went underwater.

According to local media, the mother had parked her car next to Amsterdam's Schinkel River when it started to move towards the canal, with the toddler inside.

She reportedly had desperately attempted to get her child out of the car but it plunged into the canal with the two inside.

One of the rescuers is said to have grabbed a hammer from his car before joining the other three people who had gone to the aid of the pair.

The two were taken to a nearby hospital for further treatment and are said to be doing well. The four rescuers have been hailed as heroes by the Dutch media.