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Widow of man who was stabbed to death in Poundland has home burgled

The wife of a man who was stabbed to death in a Poundland store has had her home burgled, police have said.

The break-in came after her husband, 61-year-old Justin Skrebowski, was stabbed to death at a store in Abingdon, Oxfordshire, last December.

The Poundland store in which Justin Skrebowski was stabbed to death Credit: ITV Meridian

Thames Valley Police referred itself to the IPCC over the knifing.

The burglars climbed on to a conservatory roof before forcing open a window as the widow picked up her children from school.

Police said the burglars escaped with heirlooms from her husband's side of the family which were intended for their children when they are older.

This was already a terrible time for the victim, who is trying to carry on with her life after losing her husband in such a horrible way.

To then be the victim of a burglary such a short time later, where someone broke into her home where she and her young children should feel safe, searched it and stole jewellery and other items, is heart-breaking.

– PC Chris Cassidy, Thames Valley Police

Police said there was nothing to suggest the burglary was linked to the murder.

An appeal has been made to people who work in local pawn shops, antique stores, jewellers and cash for gold shops to be on the look-out for the stolen items.