Nicola Sturgeon: I won't campaign alongside Cameron in EU referendum

Nicola Sturgeon tells ITV News she will not campaign alongside David Cameron in the lead up to the EU referendum, and suggests a vote for British exit could raise the prospect of another Scottish referendum.

It won't be too much of a surprise to many that our poll on the EU referendum shows some marked differences in voting intentions between the whole of Great Britain and Scotland.

Consistent with other recent polls on the UK's membership of the European Union, Scottish voters are more likely to vote "remain".

Fifty-nine per cent of Scots told us they intend to vote to stay in the EU which compares to 49% across Great Britain.

Similarly, while 41% of British voters intend to vote "leave", only 31% do in Scotland.

It raises an interesting prospect of another referendum on Scottish independence and it's a prospect I have been discussing here this morning with the First Minister of Scotland.

of Scots said they intend to vote to stay in the EU (source: ITV News/ComRes poll)
across Britain say they intend to vote in favour of staying (source: ITV News/ComRes poll)

Nicola Sturgeon would - perhaps uncomfortably - find herself on the same side of the argument as David Cameron, were the Prime Minister to get his deal in Brussels this week and campaign for the UK to stay in the EU.

She won't campaign alongside Mr Cameron, she told me, but she will make her case in England as well as Scotland.

The SNP leader will not commit to a second referendum on Scotland breaking away from the UK - but she does say a vote to leave Europe (when Scotland voted to remain) will increase demand for independence North of the Border.

And interestingly, for the leader of the SNP (which spent many years demanding a referendum of voters in Scotland and won't rule out a second one) Ms Sturgeon says she'd rather there wasn't a referendum on European Union membership at all.

But once again, it highlights how David Cameron's EU referendum might not just take the UK out of Europe but it could subsequently take Scotland out of the UK.

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