Trading Standards cuts leading to safety gaps, report warns

Cars, toys, appliances - millions of faulty goods have been sold to UK consumers.

For years ITV News has reported the loss and tragedy that can be caused.

Now there are calls for a new product safety agency to regulate how companies deal with dangerous goods.

A report released today says big cuts in Trading Standards Services mean there are inadequate checks on goods.

It's claimed that product safety is a low priority for many local authorities.

The government-commissioned review of the product recall system recommends:

  • A product safety agency backed by government

  • An official recall website with information on safety alerts

  • Better funding for products safety checks

Lynn Faulds Wood, who wrote the report, says "unsafe products still blight too many lives with thousands on unnecessary injuries, accidents, fires and even deaths every year. "

Over the years I have reported dozens of stories where lives have been disrupted, devastated or lost by unsafe products that should never have been sold.

Time and again on ITV News we have explained how the recall system is hopelessly outdated and ineffective.

So far the government's main response is to plan a new "steering group to take forward the recommendations".

But they say that should be "industry-led", which means once again companies not consumers will be at the centre of decisions about safety recalls.