UK's EU deal: What do the people of Brussels think?

Mark Austin

Former ITV News presenter

It is home to the bureaucrats, officials and, often, to the members of the European Parliament.

It is the hub of the European project. But what do the people of Brussels make of what many are calling Britain's brinkmanship? Well, the overwhelming view is that people want Britain to stay...but not at any cost.

Lunching in the Six Nations Bar, Flemish lawyer Christopher Isenborghs, said it all began with Margaret Thatcher and her demands for money back: "It dates back to her and Britain hasn't changed.

"We should keep Britain but there must be a limit to the demands and exemptions," he told me.

Others agreed and one woman, Carine Bonnast, said she feared that if Britain quit, the EU project could fall apart. She wasn't alone.

And every one agreed that if Britain did leave, there would be no way back.