Yoko Ono: I still miss John more than 35 years after his murder

Yoko Ono has told ITV News she still misses her husband Beatles star John Lennon more than 35 years on from his murder, saying "it was such an incredible loss."

In an exclusive interview with Tom Bradby on her 83rd birthday, Yoko said: "I still miss him, especially now because the world is not quite right and everybody seems to be suffering and if he was here it would have been different I think."

Talking about John, she said: "See most people think that well he's a rocker and just kind of 'rock baby'. No, at home he was a very gentle person and extremely, extremely concerned about me but also concerned about the world too."

The interview comes after she was honoured with an NME Award for inspiration for her work in the music industry and her campaigning on peace.

She told ITV News she was never looking for fame and that she has had to find a way to cope with it, adding "it's not that easy."

And she had some advice for women entering the industry today.

"I would say don't be too rash. And don't be too pushy. Just let things happen.If you don't do that there'll be a backlash. The backlash is very, very difficult to take."