One in four people 'forced to put off retirement', survey finds

One in four peopele said they could not afford to retire. Credit: Gareth Fuller / PA Wire/PA Images

About one in four people scheduled to retire this year have been forced to delay their plans because of financial worries, a survey has found.

Around 22% of the 9,000 people questioned by Prudential said they had postponed their plans as they cannot afford to give up their job.

Around three in 10 of those planning to retire this year said they do not believe that their pensions and other savings will give them enough income to support a comfortable life in retirement.

On average, this year's retirees expect to be drawing their pension for more than 20 years.

The findings also showed that 51% of those who currently plan to retire in 2016 are either already working past their respective state pension age or would consider doing so when they reach that landmark.

Anyone looking to give themselves the greatest degree of choice of when to give up work should be trying to save as much money as possible as early as possible during their careers. >

Stan Russell, Prudential
16% of those who have put off retirement said they never want to retire at all. Credit: Chris Ison / PA Wire/PA Images

However some people said the reasons for staying employed were not just financial with more than half saying they wanted to keep their mind and body active.

One in three said they did not feel ready to retire and 41% enjoyed their work too much to give it up.

And 16% of those who have put off retirement said they never want to retire at all.

The research was carried out among more than 9,000 people aged 45 and over, including 1,000 people planning to retire in 2016.