Sir Richard Branson unveils Virgin Galactic's new spaceship

Sir Richard Branson has unveiled the new version of a spacecraft he hopes will soon be taking passengers into orbit.

The billionaire businessman showed off the improved version of Virgin Galactic, called 'SpaceShipTwo', at the company's factory in California tonight.

The big reveal comes just 16 months after the ship's predecessor crashed during a test flight - killing one of the pilots.

Those behind the construction of the latest spaceplane say it will be rigorously tested over the next 12 months and that "lessons have been learnt" from the previous accident.

What can we expect from 'SpaceShipTwo'?

The new spacecraft will reach altitudes of 62 miles above the planet.
  • 'SpaceShipTwo' is a six-passenger spacecraft that is designed to reach altitudes of 62 miles above Earth

  • A ticket will cost you £174,500

  • The flight time is approximately two hours

  • More than 700 people are reported to have already signed up

  • Passengers will have the opportunity to float in zero gravity for "several minutes"