David Cameron told by Tory MPs: 'Be nice to Boris'

Tory MPs did their best to keep the show of unity on the road tonight.

But they did warn the Prime Minister over his treatment of those MPs on the other side of the referendum debate.

David Cameron arrived to meet backbench members who meet in what's called the 1922 Committee.

After a muted welcome on his arrival, Mr Cameron urged the Tory MPs in the room to be "cautious" during the fight over Britain's membership of the European Union.

He urged them to show "restraint" and "mutual respect."

But David Cameron had come to this meeting straight from the House of Commons where he had torn into Boris Johnson.

At least two MPs took the Prime Minister to task.

They both asked him to "be nice to Boris".

After the meeting one of those MPs said of the Prime Minister, "everyone is capable of being a bit sharper than they intended to be."

And this is the first day in the Commons since the EU deal.

There are 122 days to go!