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Russell Brand: 'Boris Johnson grows Jihadi Johns - he is a Jihadi John machine'

Russell Brand and Boris Johnson. Credit: PA Wire

Russell Brand has accused Boris Johnson of growing "Jihadi Johns" terrorists in a bizarre online rant.

After Johnson announced that he would be campaigning to leave the EU, Brand posted a 45-second video clip on his Facebook page attacking the mayor of London.

"Boris Johnson grows Jihadi Johns, he is a Jihadi John machine, Jihadi John is just one. But once Jihadi John is dead that is the end of Jihadi John, but Boris Johnson can create thousands of others," the comedian said in the video, which has been viewed more 250,000 times.

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The video begins with Johnson discussing on an LBC radio show how those that glorify the execution of innocent journalists and aid workers should be on the receiving end of any anger.

Brand said the Tory MP for Uxbridge and South Ruislip was "wrong" and that you need to "look at why they are violent in order to stop the violence".

Even fans of the comedian were left bemused by his latest ramblings.

"Yes Boris Johnson maybe a diehard conservative with an allegiance to oligarchs, tax dodgers and general corporate scum but how the hell is he responsible for the likes of Jihadi John?" one wrote on social media.