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Didcot Power Station collapse: What we know so far

Smoke rising from Didcot Power Station. Credit: Blaine Morris-Smith

One person has died and three other people are missing after a building collapse at Didcot Power Station.

Here's what we know so far.

  • What happened?

A "major incident" was declared at the site in south Oxfordshire at 4pm yesterday following reports of a loud explosion and large amounts of dust filling the air.

Emergency service crews rushed to the scene.

The collapse happened at the former coal-fired Didcot A plant, which closed in 2013 and was in the process of being demolished.

Dramatic pictures from the scene showed a significant chunk of a building in the defunct Didcot A site missing, with a large amount of debris on the ground.

  • Are there any victims?

These are the latest figures:

person has died
people are still missing
people are in hospital
  • What caused it?
Emergency services at the scene.

It is still unclear.

However, a spokesperson for the GMB Union earlier told the Press Association that the collapse may have been caused by workers preparing two boilers for demolition.

The demolition company working at the station said it was still working to "establish facts" in a statement on Twitter.

All the victims are workers at the company.

  • Witnesses describe aftermath

Witnesses to the building collapse described seeing a huge cloud of grey dust billowing from the site.

I'd just left work and was walking home along the perimeter road when there was an almighty rumble followed by dust cloud.

– Trevor Leslie

I just heard a massive explosion behind me and a few kids started screaming in the street.

I turned around and half of the building actually looked like it was imploding.

– Blaine Morris-Smith

There was a huge cloud of dust which came through and over our village.

When that had cleared I noticed that half of the old power station, where they used to keep the generators, half of that was missing.

  • What has the fire service said?

The fire service advised people to stay indoors but reassured concerned residents that no hazardous materials were in the building.

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