Katie Hopkins tweets 'even brain surgery has not shut me up'

Katie Hopkins tweeted "bad news - even brain surgery has not shut me up" as she came round from a 12-hour op to treat her epilepsy.

The outspoken columnist had part of her brain removed in a bid to cure the condition which has "plagued" her since she was 19.

Now 41, she says it has stopped her enrolling in the army, caused her to break her arm 42 times in three years and have her two front teeth removed after a fall.

The former Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star has said in the past she believes her epilepsy will one day kill her.

In her Daily Mail column she wrote that was why she was having surgery as she "wasn't prepared to sit around and wait for that day to come".

She added she had waited until her three children were seven, 10 and 11 so they were "old enough to be brave and smart enough to remember the things I want them to know".