's high-heeled 'Dave' most complained about ad

A MoneySuperMarket advert featuring a man called Dave in high heels and denim shorts dancing along the street was the most complained about advert of 2015, according to the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA).

With 1,513 complaints, the ad was deemed offensive due to its "overly sexual content".

This was more than double the amount the second most complained about ad received, which was a campaign which was thought to be encouraging bad language amongst children by using the word "booking" in place of a swear word.

Out of the 10 adverts that received the most complaints, only one was upheld by the ASA.

An Omega Pharma advert which featured women exchanging texts comparing their bodies before heading on holiday was banned by the ASA for presenting "an irresponsible approach to body image and confidence".

Top 10 most complained about adverts

  • - 1,513 complaints, not upheld.

  • - 683 complaints, not upheld.

  • PayPal (UK) - 464 complaints, not upheld. Viewers were concerned that the TV advert, which shows two children worried that their parents have not bought them Christmas presents, would cast doubt over Santa's existence.

  • - 407 complaints, not upheld. Complainants found this TV ad featuring a man sitting on a boat before jumping off and swimming ashore offensive due to its use of the word "booking". The ASA ruled as before.

380 people complained to the ASA in 2015 about this Protein World advert Credit: PA
  • Protein World - 380 complaints, not upheld. The ASA told Protein World that their posters asking people if they were "beach body ready" could not appear again in their current form, but ultimately found the campaign was unlikely to cause serious or widespread offence.

  • British Heart Foundation - 219 complaints, not upheld. The TV and cinema ad showing a boy sitting in a classroom talking to his father who had died from a heart attack was considered distressing, but the ASA ruled the effect would not be widespread.

  • - 201 complaints, not upheld. The TV ad showed a story of a couple who met at a hotel and involved wordplay around the word "booking". The ASA ruled as before.

181 people complained about this NHS anti-smoking ad Credit: Department of Health
  • Department of Health - 181 complaints, not upheld. Part of a Public Health England anti-smoking campaign, the "graphic" and "gruesome" ads showed a cigarette which contained flesh, but the ASA found they contained an "important health message".

  • Nicocigs - 145 complaints, not upheld. A TV ad for an electronic cigarette was criticised for potentially appealing to children, however the ASA noted the ad was not scheduled around programmes that would appeal to children and was not in a style that would appeal to them.

  • Omega Pharma - 136 complaints, upheld. Two women were seen exchanging texts comparing their bodies before heading on holiday in this TV and YouTube ad. The ASA banned it for presenting "an irresponsible approach to body image and confidence".