Bingo! Long-lost sisters reunite in virtual betting room

A bingo-loving grandmother has been reunited with her long-lost sister after they unknowingly became online betting friends.

Elaine Walker, 59, had 35 years trying to find her sibling, 65-year-old Jackie Green, after they were separated as children and she was adopted.

She finally gave up her search last year and then discovered she had spent the last eight years chatting away to Jackie in a virtual bingo hall.

The pair had become friends under their player names Dukie11 and Whiskey666 after meeting as they played the same game in the same chat room.

Speaking to Good Morning Britain, Elaine said they had just "hit it off to such an extent that the staff on the site ended up calling is the terrible twins".

"We used to go in and we were the entertainment", she added.

Elaine also described an occasion when the pair discussed her search for other siblings and the fact that she had found two brothers and a sister that she had not contacted at that point, and Jackie had congratulated her.

Jackie said: "It never clicked that it was my other sister.....

The pieces finally fell together when they began chatting on Facebook and Elaine noticed that they had "mutual friends".

"I clicked on it and this long list came up and I recognised them all from I said 'how do you know so and so' and she said 'well they play on a bingo site' and I said "Bingoport" and 'she was like yeah'

Jackie said finding out about her sister and her other siblings is "absolutely fantastic".