Jim'll Fix It producer 'warned staff not to leave children alone with Savile'

The former producer of Jim'll Fix It has said he warned staff not to leave Jimmy Savile alone with children.

Roger Ordish said he thought Savile's presence was "unnerving" to some youngsters.

He told BBC's Radio 4 Today programme: "I do remember saying he should not be left alone with children.

"But that would apply to the presenter of any programme, because the rules as they stood then were that a young person should always be chaperoned.

"It wasn't for fear that he was going to do something awful to the child. But I did think that his presence was unnerving for some children."

The now retired producer added he thought Savile appeared "frightening" to children, saying: "A person who communicates well with children speaks on their level.

"To me his approach was to speak down to them, or to speak very little to them really."

Mr Ordish said had a complaint been made to him about Savile at the time he would have acted on it.

Savile, who died aged 84 in 2011, was later unearthed as one of Britain's most prolific sex attackers.