Disney introduces surge pricing

Ticket prices will be classified as value, regular and peak days Credit: Reuters

Walt Disney World has introduced new surge price tickets designed to help spread out crowds.

The Walt Disney Company unveiled the new single-day ticket prices today as the U.S. theme parks switch to a three-tiered system that charges visitors more on busier days and less during typically slower periods.

According to a Disney blog post, the shift to demand-based pricing is designed to help spread out crowds at the park in Florida and resort in California.

A one-day ticket to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom in Orlando will now cost £76 on a "value" day, while on a "regular" day it will put you £80 out of pocket.

For "peak" days, typically during major holiday periods, the price will be £90.

At Disneyland, the cost of admission to one park will be £68, £76 and £86 for value, regular and peak days.