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World's most expensive Easter eggs go on sale

The eggs are based on 19th century Russian designs popular with the Tsars Credit: SWNS

The world's most expensive Easter eggs are being sold by a British company - for £25,000 each.

Weighing approximately 100kg, the Fabergé-style chocolate eggs are based on 19th century Russian designs popular with the Tsars.

Handcrafted by the firm Choccywoccydoodah, each set of three is made entirely from luxury Belgian chocolate and depicts a mythical creature hatching.

Choccywoccydoodah's owner and creative director Christine Taylor hopes the "ridiculous, indulgent" eggs will bring some light to the world.

We all felt within the company that the world felt in quite a dark place. And as we are in such a joyous environment we consider ourselves to be joymakers.

We thought we would do something completely ridiculous in an effort to cheer people up.

I have always loved the actual Faberge eggs and i have always thought what a ridiculous thing they are - what an indulgent piece of nonsense.

They were always in difficult times and i thought that is where we need to go - something joyous and not taken too seriously. Let's bring everything together.

– Christine Taylor, Choccywoccydoodah director
At £25,000 each these are the most expensive Easter eggs yet Credit: SWNS

Prospective buyers are expected to be wealthy London clients or even members of overseas royal families.

Some of the eggs are on display in Choccywoccydoodah's Brighton store while others are at their London base.