Anger as killer of British honeymoon couple releases a slick rap video from jail

Credit: YouTube / Akeba Martin

Relatives of a couple who were murdered while on their Caribbean honeymoon have expressed their anger after their killer released a music video from jail.

Kaniel Martin, who is serving life sentences for the murder of Welsh newlyweds Ben and Catherine Mullany, apparently managed to record the clip from his Antiguan prison.

The slickly-produced video posted to YouTube also proclaims the 28-year-old is "innocent" and "doing time for cases he never have done".

Mr Mullany's father Ken told The Sun newspaper of his distress at seeing the upbeat music video emerge online.

Conservative MP David Davies said he was also "appalled" at how authorities in Antigua allowed a convicted murderer to feature in a talent show which ended up online.

Ben and Catherine Mullany were gunned down in their hotel room Credit: PA

Martin was handed multiple life sentences for the murder of Mr and Mrs Mullany as well as the killing of a local shopkeeper.

Together with an accomplice, he burst into the newlyweds hotel room and gunned them down just a fortnight after their wedding in South Wales.

Qualified doctor Mrs Mullany was killed instantly while her husband died a week later in Wales.

Mr and Mrs Mullany died within weeks of their marriage Credit: PA

In his jailyard recording, Martin raps about self-improvement and getting "rid of your flaws" in the song. It was apparently entered in a prison talent contest which saw him take the prize for best-dressed.

The video was put together by his younger brother and music producer Akeba Martin. It shows the convicted killer rapping over a mic in a prison courtyard while guards and other inmates look on.