Is a White Easter on the cards?

Will we get a dusting of snow this Easter? Credit: PA

In forecasting seasons, tomorrow marks the first day of spring.

But it looks like winter won't be letting go just yet - and March is no stranger to one last blast of wintry weather.

One hundred years ago back in March 1916, the month turned out to very cold with lots of snow, culminating in a big blizzard on the 28th March.

A man is rescued after falling down a 20ft snowdrift in Kent. Credit: PA archive

In places like Exmoor, the Cotswolds, and the Peak District, reports were received of snowbound villages and farm animals buried under gigantic drifts up to 40ft high.

During this time it was incredibly difficult to travel by road or rail up and down the country.

This year, some forecasters have even stuck their necks out predicting a White Easter later this month in parts of Britain.

The River Thames when it froze over in 1895. Credit: PA archive

However, predicting the weather isn't a simple formula.

Their are many changeable factors, so at this stage it's a 'watch this space' scenario.

Tomorrow's forecast is briefly wet and mild whilst rain clears south eastwards.

During the afternoon cold air will follow, causing temperatures to drop away fairly early, heightening the risk of showers in north west Britain turning to snow.