A dad who was born on Leap Year Day 32 years ago was stunned when his son was born on exactly the same day.

David Kennedy came into the world on February 29 1984 - and today his son Harrison arrived, sharing the same birthday.

The head chef from Worcestershire said it was an "incredible moment to share with my son".

David holds baby Harrison for the first time. Credit: SWNS

David said: "Harrison was actually due on February 28 and we always knew there was a chance he could be late.

"When my wife went into labour at 10pm I said to her 'please wait a couple more hours so we can have the same birthday.'"

As Leap Year Day only comes around once every four years, David is technically only eight years old.

David and wife Alice, who also have two-year-old daughter Lily, now plan to celebrate Harrison and David's birthday on March 1 when it is not Leap Year.

Nichola and her daughter Nevaeh were both born on February 29 too. Credit: ITV News

And David is not the only proud Leap Year parent to have their offspring born on the same day.

Nichola Davis, 24, gave birth to her daughter Nevaeh, whose name is 'Heaven' spelled backwards.

She told ITV News: "My midwife kept saying 'she'll come on your birthday. I think she was hanging on."

And one family from Surrey have three generations of 'Leaplings' in their brood.

Peter Keogh, 72, his son Eric, 52, and granddaughter Bethany Wealth, 20, all share the same birthday - the odds of which are a massive 3 billion to one.

Five things you might not know about Leap Year Day

  • It was introduced by Julius Caesar when he ordered his astronomer to simplify the calendar in 45BC

  • It is the day when women can propose to men - but tradition states that if a man says no he can be fined a kiss, a silk dress or 12 pairs of gloves

  • The chances of being born on Leap Year Day are about one in 1,461

  • Famous Leapers include rapper Ja Rule and footballer Darren Ambrose

  • In Greece, getting married on Leap Year Day is believed to be bad luck