Video shows suspected meteor lighting up the night sky

A suspected meteor lit up the skies of north east Scotland and triggered panicked phone calls to the police.

Footage caught what looked like a "fireball" flying through the sky and police received a large number of calls after the bright flash was seen.

Driving instructor Bill Addison, from Buckie in Moray, recorded what appeared to be a meteor shooting across the sky on his dashboard camera.

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The light appears to have been seen as far south as Berwickshire in the Scottish Borders and Newcastle.

A Police Scotland spokeswoman said they began receiving calls at around 6.55pm on Monday evening.

Some residents reported feeling buildings shake as a result of the bang.

Astronomers said it was most likely to be a meteor burning up as it came into contact with the Earth's atmosphere.

The Met Office said the event was "not weather-related" as there were no thunder storms recorded on Monday night.

The reports of a "fireball" appear to sound like a meteor, which has burned up as it entered the Earth's upper atmosphere and caused the enormous flash that lit up the night sky.