Row erupts after Salford City Council swearing ban

Swearing across the quay could result in an on-the-spot fine Credit: PA

A verbal volley has broken out after swearing was outlawed in part of Greater Manchester.

Salford City Council (SCC) invoked the anger of human rights charity Liberty when a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) was introduced at Salford Quays.

The popular waterfront, used as a route for football fans on their way to Old Trafford, has turned into the centre of an anti-social behaviour debate.

SCC passed the order last August with the backing of local residents, who complained rowdy behaviour was making their lives a misery.

The order now deems it a criminal offence if anyone is caught using "foul and abusive language" around the Quays.

The Quays are used as a walking route to and from Old Trafford Credit: PA

The PSPO was passed with the approval of 76% of 130 local residents, 94% of those agreeing with a ban on causing general disturbance - including the use of foul language.

It arose out of complaints people were throwing wheelie bins into the Quays and tampering with emergency life-saving equipment.

While the PSPO does not specify which words constitute foul language, Liberty has written to the council arguing it risks "breaching right to freedom of expression."

Breaching the order could result in an on-the-spot fine.

A spokesperson for SCC said they would discuss the issue with Liberty privately.