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Thousands of migrants trapped in Greece as borders remain closed

Video report by ITV News Europe Editor James Mates

Thousands of migrants are stranded in Greece due to the closure of borders along the route they would take through the Balkans to get to Europe.

The president of the European Council Donald Tusk has urged migrants not to come to Greece, telling them "Greece is no longer a transit country" and "Don't believe the smugglers."

It comes as hundreds remain stranded at the port of Piraeus, near Athens, while more than 10,000 are currently stranded at the Greek border with Macedonia.

Hundreds of migrants are trapped at the port of Piraeus near Athens Credit: ITV News

Adults and children are camped in the ferry terminal at port of Piraeus.

The migrants are calling on countries to open their borders Credit: ITV News

They are calling on countries along the Balkan route to open the borders and allow them to continue their journey to Northern Europe.

Austria has reintroduced border controls and imposed a migrant cap which means just 80 refugees a day are able to claim asylum.

Meanwhile Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary and Macedonia have put up barbed wire fences and are also limiting the number of refugees they let through, leaving Greece to host thousands of refugees.

So far only a trickle are being allowed to carry on with their journey.

With over 2,000 new migrant arrivals a day, Greece's facilities and resources are being put under increasing strain.

More than 2,000 migrants are arriving in Greece each day Credit: ITV News