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Carl Froch to star in Terry Stone English gangster movie 'Once Upon a Time in London'

Carl Froch is swapping the ring for the big screen. Photo: PA

Carl Froch may have ruled out a return to the ring but we will see him on our screens again later this year.

The retired four-times boxing world champion has accepted a part in Terry Stone's upcoming English gangster movie.

Scheduled for release in Autumn 2016, 'Once Upon a Time in London' is based on the life of Jack "Spot" Comer – an infamous gangster who controlled London rackets in the East End during the 1930s, 40s and 50s.

"I'm in the beginning, the middle and the end," Froch said. "I've got something to say. I'm not just standing at the door and telling someone they're not coming in.

"There's two or three different characters that I could choose from and I'm actually speaking to Terry Stone about it over the next couple of weeks, because they're now trying to get their cast for the lead role."

There are rumours that Jason Statham has been lined up for a leading part in the film, an actor Froch admires even though he isn't getting too carried away with his own movie career at this stage.

"It's a bit of fun," he added. "I'm not going to take it too seriously, really. But who knows where it might go? Look at what Vinnie Jones achieved in acting.

"As much as I'm not taking it deadly serious at this stage, if I enjoy it... like with anything, if you enjoy it you can excel at it."

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