Iain Duncan Smith: Tactics of Remain campaign risks damaging government beyond EU referendum

Iain Duncan Smith accused the 'remain' campaign of using 'spin, smears and threats'. Credit: Dave Thompson / PA Wire/PA Images

The "spin, smears and threats" of the Remain campaign risks damaging the government beyond the EU referendum, Iain Duncan Smith has warned.

The work and pensions secretary accused the pro-EU camp of making "desperate and unsubstantiated claims" about the risks of leaving.

He said he found its conduct "troubling".

Writing in the Daily Mail, he also said the government had staged a "series of stunts" using big business, finance chiefs and European leaders to "bully" those considering a vote to leave, into fearing for their future prosperity and security.

Liam Fox says the EU debate will make it harder to Tories to unite later down the line Credit: PA

Meanwhile Conservative MP and Eurosceptic Liam Fox claims the sour tone of the referendum debate is endangering future Tory unity.

Comparing the "Remain" campaign to the "peasants' revolt", Dr Fox said the party would find it harder to govern the country after 24 June if the debate continues in a similar vein.

"How easy or how hard it is for us to come together and govern this country as a majority party is largely dependent on how well we treat one another, and the respect with which we treat one another, in the run up to the referendum," he said.