Pharmacist 'saves lives' of family who inhaled gas for six weeks

Mark White and his family spent six weeks breathing in fumes Credit: SWNS

A pharmacist has been hailed a hero for saving the lives of an entire family who were unknowingly breathing in gas - for six weeks.

Mark White, partner Sarah Evans and their two young children all became ill shortly after moving into their new home, but could not identify the cause.

It was only when Mr White popped into the chemist's to pick up a routine prescription that an eagle-eyed pharmacist recognised their symptoms.

A gas leak from a hob was eventually identified as the source of the problem Credit: PA

Ms Grant, from Bideford in Devon, said Ms Evans looked "incredibly grey" and disorientated.

"She just did not look very well at all," she said.

"I asked her about her symptoms and she said her young child had been sick and her partner and other child were also unwell.

"I asked to speak to her partner and I asked him whether he worked during the day, away from the house and he said yes and he also said his older son was at nursery during the day - and it was his partner and younger son who spent more time in the house.

"I asked her whether she felt a little bit less disorientated and less unwell when she was outside her home and she said yes.

"That is when alarm bells started ringing. I told her I was 99% that it could be gas or carbon monoxide poisoning."

Wales and West Utlilities came out later that night and detected a gas leak in the hob and made it safe.