Jeremy Corbyn accused of trying to hide Eurosceptic past

Jeremy Corbyn accused of trying to rewrite history after Eurosceptic posts deleted from his website. Credit: Reuters

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been accused of trying to hide his Eurosceptic past after a series of articles critical of Brussels were deleted from his website.

The articles, written before he became leader of the party, criticise the Lisbon Treaty and the unaccountable nature of the deal struck with the European Union.

Labour is officially backing a vote to remain in the EU in the upcoming referendum on 23 June, with Alan Johnson MP spearheading the campaign.

In one archived post, discovered by the Telegraph, Corbyn said:

In another, he wrote of a "strong socialist argument against the Lisbon Treaty and the economic consequences that flow from it" whilst criticising Brussels for controlling the political choices open to individual member states.

Conservative MP Julian Knight told the Telegraph Corbyn was trying to "rewrite history".

A spokesman for the Labour leader told the Telegraph: "The website has been updated, it now contains things Jeremy has written since he has been leader of the Labour party.

"That was Jeremy's website when he was a backbench MP, we are now converting it to reflect his work as leader and afterwards other material will be archived."

Mr Corbyn's history of Euroscepticism was raised by Labour MPs in favour of a Leave vote at the launch of their campaign in January.

Another Labour MP Graham Stringer said Mr Corbyn's position of supporting a vote to remain in was "completely inconsistent" with his previous record.