Boris Johnson: If we vote to leave EU 'all options are good'

If Britain votes to leave the EU "all options are good", claims Boris Johnson Credit: Andrew Marr/ BBC

Boris Johnson has claimed that if Britain votes to leave the EU "all options are good" as he believes the country will be able to strike new free trade deals with other nations with growing economies.

Speaking on the Andrew Marr show he said the referendum was a "once in a lifetime opportunity" and a chance for the UK to "take back control".

The mayor of London, who joined the EU 'leave' movement last month, also indicated that his decision to fly the flag for the leave campaign was because of a failure by the government to deliver a promised "wholesale change in Britain's relationship with the EU."

He said "What we were told was that, the stated government policy was that, we should have a reformed EU, a fundamentally reformed EU - a wholesale change in Britain's relationship with the EU was the promise.

"That has obviously not been delivered - we were told at the time that Britain would be perfectly safe to walk away - by the government by the PM - that rhetoric has now very much been changed."

He also went on to liken leaving the EU like escaping jail.

"This is like the jailer has accidentally left the door of the jail open and people can see the sunlit land beyond," he said.

"And everybody is suddenly wrangling about the terrors of the world outside. Actually it would be wonderful."