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NHS categorically dismisses claims it was looking into proposals for 'baby organ harvesting'

NHS denies claims it is trying to harvest babies organs Credit: David Jones/PA

Claims that the NHS were looking at proposals to harvest babies organs by encouraging mums to carry foetuses with fatal defects to term have been categorically dismissed by the health service.

The NHS Blood and Transplant unit said "under no circumstances" would members of its team put pressure on a woman to continue with a pregnancy just so that it could use the baby for organ donation.

NHS Blood and Transplant wants to reassure the public that we have no way of knowing about anyone who is pregnant with a baby that is unlikely to survive. The only way we would ever find out about such babies is if a pregnant woman expressed a wish to donate the baby’s organs and they were referred to us by their clinical team because they have asked for this. We will then do what we can to support the family to do what is best for them.

Under no circumstances would NHS Blood or Transplant staff or anybody else within the NHS pressure women to continue with a pregnancy solely for the possibility of organ donation.

– NHS Blood and Transplant spokesman

It comes after The Mail newspaper made claims that women who discovered early in pregnancy that their babies may not survive would be given advice on going ahead with the birth in future so the NHS could harvest the organs.

The NHS assured the public they would never push for a mother to continue her pregnancy if she had a baby with a non-survivable condition.