What are Turkey's demands for helping with migrant crisis?

Tens of thousands have been fleeing to the Turkish border in recent months Credit: Tens of thousands have been fleeing to the Turkish border in recent months

Turkey and EU leaders are involved in tense negotiations, looking at ways to deal with Europe's worst migrant crisis since World War Two.

EU leaders want Turkey to take back more migrants and do more to stem the flow of those making the perilous journey across the Aegean Sea.

But Turkey has issued a set of demands in exchange for its help.

  • An increase to the promised €3 billion (£2.3 billion) in aid

EU heads are discussing proposals at an emergency summit in Brussels Credit: REUTERS/Olivier Hoslet/Pool

The EU has already promised Turkey €3 billion (£2.3 billion) in aid if they agree to take back non-Syrian refugees and share the burden of refugee allocation.

As part of the deal Turkey would be expected to take action to stop hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants leaving from its western border and crossing into the rest of Europe.

Turkey however want an additional €3 billion in monetary aid, and recognising its geographical importance has stated how "indispensable the EU is for Turkey and Turkey for the EU."

  • Easier EU visas for its citizens

Turkey wants relaxed visa rules Credit: Niall Carson / PA

The Turkish PM is keen to secure a deal for his citizens that would make it easier for them to get EU visas and could see Turkish nationals ultimately allowed visa-free access to continental Europe.

A relaxing of visa rules would mean Turkish nationals would be able to live and work in other country throughout Europe freely.

  • Faster membership to the EU

EU membership is a key selling point for Turkey Credit: REUTERS/Ralph Orlowski

Turkey has had a long-held aim to join the EU and seizing the current opportunity that has presented itself Davutoglu is asking for a speeded up acceptance to the union.

Some countries have raised concerns about Turkey joining the EU however, particularly after Turkish government seized control of a critical newspaper, top-selling daily Zaman, this weekend raising questions about press freedom and human rights in the country.