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Murder suspect among nine 'most wanted' believed to be in the Netherlands

Wanted: Shane O'Brien, pictured, is accused of killing Josh Hanson in Hillingdon, west London 2015 Credit: PA

A man accused of stabbing a 21-year-old in the neck in an unprovoked and fatal attack is among nine "most wanted" suspects believed to have fled to the Netherlands.

Shane O'Brien, 28, is accused of walking up to Josh Hanson in the RE Bar in Hillingdon, west London, and killing him in front of his girlfriend in October 2015.

Josh's mother Tracey said: "Every single waking moment we keep on trying our best to assist the police. We need justice for Josh. An incredible young man, a very hardworking young man, it's the least that can be done for him. It would give us the chance to grieve.

Josh Hanson, pictured, was stabbed to death in Hillingdon, west London in 2015 Credit: PA

"It's soul-destroying at times. Mother's Day has just passed and Josh not being here was extremely painful for us. He was a wonderful young man, he was caring.

"Somebody out there has got to do the right thing. We need to grieve in peace and we have not been able to do that. Five months on, it feels like a lifetime already."

Addressing O'Brien directly, she said: "Come forward. Hand yourself in. You can't run forever. Stop our pain. Give answers."

O'Brien, who is from London and also uses the first name Troy, is white, slim, 6ft with grey eyes and short, dark brown hair. He has a birthmark on his face and a tattoo that says Shannon 15-04-06 on his back.

He is among nine fugitives, including another murder suspect, alleged drug smugglers and a convicted rapist, being hunted by British authorities.

The other murder suspect is David Ungi, from Liverpool, who is accused of killing Vinny Waddington, 18, in the Garston area of the city in July 2015.

David Ungi (L) is accused of killing Vinny Waddington (R) in Liverpool in 2015 Credit: PA

Convicted rapist Rezgar Zengana, 33, is also on the list for posing as a minicab driver in Glasgow in December 2006, and picking up a 25-year-old woman who he attacked.

He was convicted for rape but has yet to be sentenced.

Wanted: Convicted rapist Rezgar Zengana Credit: PA

Shazad Ghafoor, 29; David John Walley, 40; Ahmed Dervish Omer, 45; Michael Paul Moogan and Robert Stephen Gerrard, both 52; Mark Liscott, 55 are also all wanted for drugs offences.

Wanted for drugs offences:

Top L-R: Shazad Ghafoor, David John Walley, Ahmed Dervish Omer. Bottom L-R: Michael Paul Moogan, Robert Stephen Gerrard, Mark Liscott Credit: PA

Dave Allen, from the National Crime Agency, said: "Those who believe they can use the Netherlands to evade capture or continue illegal activities soon find out that it is not a safe haven."