On International Women's Day, teenage girls reveal the biggest issues facing them - and their top inspirational women


By Natalia Jorquera: ITV News

The gender pay gap, the representation of women in the media and more female board members are among the biggest issues worrying young girls today.

As part of International Women's Day 2016, ITV News went to St Marylebone School in London to find out what changes they would like to see in the workplace - and who inspires them the most.

Among those to speak up was 16-year-old Xanthe Godwin-Summerfield, who said she would like to see more women blazing a trail in the arts world.

"I think there are many brilliant female actresses, but I think it's really important to have more female directors and writers," she said.

"I think it's important to see more women telling the stories rather than just being in them."

Rachel Gapper, 14, added that she would like see more women becoming chief executives at major companies.

"At the moment there are more CEOs called John than women, which is really quite shocking," she said.

Asked about who inspires them, mothers and grandmothers were among the most popular answers among the teenagers.

Emma Watson was also singled out for her work in promoting gender equality, while Harry Potter author JK Rowling was highlighted for the charity work she has done, helping children suffering with AIDs and those with dyslexia.

Alisha Oner, aged 13, said her female icon was feminist Simone de Beauvoir, whose book The Second Sex concentrates on women's place in society.