Hatton Garden jewellery heist gang jailed for 34 years

The gang who helped carry out the biggest burglary in English legal history at a safety deposit box in London's Hatton Garden have been jailed for a total of 34 years.

  • Who has been jailed?

(left to right) Collins, Jones, Perkins, Lincoln, Wood and Doyle. Credit: Priscilla Coleman
  • John "Kenny" Collins, 75, jailed for seven years

  • Daniel Jones, 61, jailed for seven years

  • Terry Perkins, 67, jailed for seven years

  • William Lincoln, 60, jailed for seven years

  • Carl Wood, 59, jailed for six years

  • Hugh Doyle was handed a 21-month sentence, suspended for two years

  • Reader absent

Brian Reader - one of the masterminds and the oldest person to be convicted over the heist - was absent from the sentencing at Woolwich Crown Court due to ill health.

  • What did the gang do?

A hole is seen in the wall of the vault. Credit: Metropolitan Police

In a "sophisticated" and meticulously planned break-in over Easter weekend last year, the gang - with a combined age of 448 - drilled a hole into the wall and ransacked 73 boxes.

Valuables worth up to £14 million, including gold, diamonds and sapphires, were stolen.

Two-thirds of them are still missing.

Inside the vault after the raid. Credit: ITV News
Jewellery recovered from Edmonton Cemetery. Credit: Metropolitan Police
Another valuable item that was found after the raid. Credit: Metropolitan Police
  • Have all the raiders been caught?

Police are still hunting for 'Basil'. Credit: Metropolitan Police

No - the elusive "red-haired raider" known as "Basil" is still on the run.

He is believed to have played an instrumental role in the raid by getting his accomplices into the vault.

Scotland Yard has offered a £20,000 reward for information on his whereabouts amid fears he may have fled abroad.