Man adopts rescue dog who saved his life and helped him lose enough weight to run a marathon

A man with chronic health problems has told how rescuing a stray dog helped save his life.

Eric O'Grey weighed more than 21 stone, had type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure and was told by his doctor he would die in five years if he didn't make drastic changes.

In a video shared by SF Gate, he describes how he was shocked into action when a plane couldn't find a seat belt extension to fit around his waist.

Eric, from California, called a nutritionist for help - who told him he should adopt a dog.

Eric went to Humane Society Silicon Valley and adopted an overweight middle-aged dog, Peety, so they would have something in common.

Peety had been tied up in a garden with very little exercise or attention.

The two became firm friends and walked together every day.

Eric has improved his health so drastically he has now run a marathon.

Eric and Peety Credit: SF Gate

Sadly, in March last year, Peety fell ill and vets found a tumour on his spleen.

Peety died, after six years by Eric's side.

Eric O'Grey has now adopted another dog Jake, who he goes jogging with.