Boris Johnson urges voters to ignore 'merchants of gloom' in EU referendum campaign

Boris Johnson has urged voters to ignore the "merchants of gloom" and vote for a British exit from the European Union in the referendum in June.

Mr Johnson, the most prominent figure in the Leave campaign, said that if people were brave and opted to leave the EU, then Britain would be able to take back control of its borders and its money .

In a speech at a Vote Leave campaign event at a factory in Dartford, the London mayor said there were people who had underestimated Britain and what it can achieve.

He added that Britain would reap economic benefits if it decided to leave and could "prosper and thrive as never before".

The Conservative politician explained that if Britain "burst out of the shackles of Europe", it would not have to rely on the European Commission to strike free trade deals.

He said that it would immediately be able to negotiate new deals with countries such as America, China and growth economies around the world - and relieve ourselves from EU bureaucracy.

Mr Johnson added that he believes the prospects of a British exist from the EU are "win-win for all of us".

The EU referendum will be held on 23 June 2016.