Broadcaster apologises after saying eating disorders like anorexia are caused by 'narcissism'

Baroness Bakewell has compared rates of anorexia to signs of narcissism Credit: PA

Broadcaster Joan Bakewell has said she is "deeply sorry" for comments suggesting that eating disorders such as anorexia were caused by "narcissism".

The 82-year-old sparked an outcry after she suggested that eating disorders were caused by vanity and reflected the "overindulgence of our society" in an interview with the Sunday Times.

She added: "To be unhappy because you are the wrong weight is a sign of the overindulgence of our society, over-introspection, narcissism, really".

Ms Bakewell was initially bullish in response to anger over her stance, saying on Twitter: "If I've stirred a public discussion about anorexia... Good. Let's have more research and information."

But she later backtracked, saying she was "full of regret" that the reports on her opinions had caused distress.

She added: "I am tired now and taking a break from Twitter. Goodnight everyone."