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Inside the vault holding 80 tonnes of illegal ivory

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Eighty tonnes - that's how much ivory is in this vault in the Kenyan capital Nairobi.

The ivory, worth an estimated £100 million on the black market, came from African elephants who were brutally slaughtered for their tusks.

The haul is stored behind steel doors and defended by armed guards.

The huge haul of ivory. Credit: ITV News
It's been seized from poachers who have slaughtered elephants. Credit: ITV News
The ivory has been collected since 1989 when Kenya banned its sale. Credit: ITV News

The ivory has been confiscated from poachers and held in storage since Kenya banned ivory in 1989.

The stockpile of tusks will be burned in April in a high-profile event aimed at sending a message to the poaching gangs and illegal ivory industry.

More than 80 tonnes of ivory is in one warehouse in Kenya. Credit: ITV News
Several keys are needed to enter. Credit: ITV News
An armed guard stands outside the warehouse. Credit: ITV News

Kitili Mbathi, the head of the Kenya Wildlife Service, told ITV News that his rangers were making "very serious inroads on the war against poachers" through good intelligence and the work of "boots on the ground".

But he warned that cutting the demand for ivory in the Far East was the most important weapon in the race to save the African elephant from extinction.

"Once they have realised the importance...then I think we certainly have means to win the war," he told Mark Austin.

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