David Cameron: Britain has 100 days to secure our future in the EU

David Cameron has warned that Britain has "100 days to secure our future" as the mastermind behind his general election victory said the EU referendum is hanging in the balance.

In a new campaign video for Britain Stronger in Europe, the Prime Minister repeated claims that leaving the EU would push up prices in the shops, put jobs at risks and make the country's streets more dangerous.

But electoral guru Sir Lynton Crosby cautioned that so-called Project Fear may not work for the Remain campaign because the public sees risks in staying in the EU as well as quitting.

He predicted that the result was likely to hinge on which side could motivate supporters to come out and vote on June 23.

An ORB poll for the Daily Telegraph has suggested that battle is currently deadlocked, with Remain on 47% and Leave on 48%.

However, when likelihood to vote is taken into account, the Brexit camp would win by 52% to 44%.

Leave.EU spokesman Brian Monteith said the final 100 days of the campaign would see "more scaremongering" from the Remain camp "as the promoters of Project Fear become more desperate to keep us in the grips of a costly and disintegrating EU".