#StopSlaughter: The stories which made the news

Rhinos and elephants continue to be targeted by poachers in Africa. Credit: ITV News

We take a look back at the #StopSlaughter stories which made the headlines this week.

Prince William: We have 5-10 years to save the rhino

In an exclusive interview with ITV News, the Duke of Cambridge issued his gravest warning yet that the rhino is close to extinction.

The Duke of Cambridge called for a 'dramatic change' in how rhinos are protected Credit: ITV News

Prince William also spoke about the so-called trophy hunting of animals, saying that it is justified in certain circumstances.


Kenya's battle with elephant poachers and their arrows

Mark Austin travelled with vets in Kenya to witness their daily and often dangerous battle to save the elephant.

Elephants are frequently targeted by poachers with poisoned arrows in Tsavo, Kenya


South Africa's rhino poaching crisis

Africa correspondent John Ray reports from South Africa where the rhino poaching crisis shows little sign of abating.

Last year, more than 1,300 rhinos were killed across Africa Credit: ITV News


Going undercover at a Laos market openly selling ivory

China correspondent Debi Edward visits the Sang Jiang market in Laos, a country where the illegal ivory trade thrives.


The orphaned baby elephant being nursed back to health

Kerio was found dehydrated and alone in a remote part of northern Kenya three weeks ago after her mother was slaughtered by poachers.

One-year-old baby elephant Kerio has been recently orphaned. Credit: ITV News


Inside the vault holding 80 tonnes of illegal ivory

The ivory haul inside a vault in Kenya estimated to be worth £100 million on the black market came from elephants who were slaughtered for their tusks.


Elephants and villagers battle each other for survival in Malawi

John Ray visits Liwonde, where poverty-stricken Malawians and elephants face a battle for survival.

Saving elephants and tackling poverty in Malawi are interconnected. Credit: ITV News


Mark Austin answers viewers' questions on the poaching crisis


Africa's poaching crisis in numbers

A look at some of the key facts and figures as African rhinos and elephants are continually slaughtered.

Rhino horns are a lucrative commodity on the black market. Credit: ITV Nwqa