EU leaders to vote on migrant deal with Turkey

Turkey's PM Ahmet Davutoglu and Donald Tusk have agreed a deal on migrants. Credit: Reuters/Yves Herman

The President of the EU Council has finally struck a deal with Turkey which is being put to all 28 European leaders this afternoon.

A senior source in Donald Tusk's office says it will have to be adopted by EU leader without any changes.

This no compromise deal involves closing the EU border on 20 March.

From that point there will be no more onward travel into the EU for migrants travelling from Turkey.

The EU Council President believes the other 28 leaders of the bloc will accept this deal because they gave him the mandate late on Thursday night to strike it.

This afternoon the package will be considered by the Council of Leaders before meeting the Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu - who is also here in Brussels.

Mr Tusk believes he has been able to overcome all of the objections to the previous plan - including Cypriot opposition to re-opening talks on Turkey's membership of the Union.