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Hulk Hogan awarded $115m in sex tape lawsuit against gossip site

Hulk Hogan won his lawsuit against a gossip website that posted a sex tape featuring him and a friend's wife Credit: JPA/AFF/PA

Wrestler Hulk Hogan has been awarded $115m in damages after winning a sex tape lawsuit against a celebrity gossip website.

The professional wrestler, whose legal name is Terry Bollea, won his case against website Gawker after successfully arguing it had violated his privacy by publishing an edited sex tape which featured him and his friend's wife.

The tape, which was reportedly made more than a decade ago without Hogan's knowledge, was viewed 2.5 million times on the Gawker site after it was published.

During the case Hogan's lawyers argued the video was not newsworthy and violated the stars privacy while lawyers for the website argued the video could be shown under freedom of the press.

After deliberating for six hours a Florida jury sided with Hogan that his privacy had been violated and that the violation had caused him harm.

Gawker, who said it will appeal the decision, was ordered to pay the star $60 million for emotional distress and $55 million for economic damages caused by the posting of the 41 second video on its website in 2012.