Katie Hopkins reveals newly shaved head before undergoing second round of surgery

Controversial columnist Katie Hopkins has shaved her head before returning to the operating theatre for her second round of surgery in less than a month.

Tweeting that she now looked like a "vegan, lesbian bookshop owner", and comparing herself to Les Miserables character Fantine, the TV star explained in a series of messages that she had shaved her head after being admitted to hospital to have an infected scalp bone removed.

She even joked that she was expecting to have a "weird soft head, like a baby" following the operation.

Hopkins' return to hospital comes just weeks after the 41-year-old underwent a marathon 12-hour operation on her brain in a bid to cure her epilepsy.

The former Apprentice and Celebrity Big Brother star said in the past that she believed her epilepsy would one day kill her and opted to have part of her brain removed in an attempt to rid herself of the condition which has "plagued" her since she was 19.